Waisman Center Team

Principal Investigators
The Waisman Center team is directed by principal investigators Brad Christian and Sigan Hartley.

  Bradley Christian, PhD   Co-Principal Investigator  
  Principal Investigator
Bradley Christian, PhD
  Co-Principal Investigator
Sigan Hartley, PhD

Neuropsychological Testing
On your Day 1 visit you will be meeting with these research team members during the neuropsychological testing.

  Renee Makuch   Brianna Gambetti   Aleshia Cole  
  Program Manager
Renee Makuch
  Brianna Gambetti
Iulia Mihaila
  Nurse Practitioner
Aleshia Cole

Brain Imaging - MRI team
During the MRI one of these research team members will be working with you during the scan

  Michael Anderle   Ron Fisher   Scott Mikkelson  
  Brain Imaging
Michael Anderle
  Research Specialist
Ron Fisher
  Research Specialist
Scott Mikkelson

Brain Imaging - PET team
During the PET scans and blood draws you will be working these research team members

  Tobey Betthauser   Karly Cody   Andrew Higgins   Patrick Lao  
  Research Assistant
Tobey Betthauser
  Research Specialist
Karly Cody
  Research Specialist
Andrew Higgins
  Research Assistant
Patrick Lao
  Barbara Mueller   Matthew Zammit    
  PET Scan Technologist
Barbara Mueller
  Research Assistant
Matthew Zammit

Waisman Group Photo